David’s Notes

David L Cook & Clifton Davis
David L Cook & Clifton Davis

We just wrapped up the 2016 AMG Heritage Awards and I have to say that it was probably the best one we have had to date. It is very hard to believe that just a mere 6 years ago we started the Guild and now it has grown into the thriving organization that it is today. Clifton Davis and Freda Payne were simply wonderful hosts and so very gracious. I have worked with Clifton in the past and he is just the epitome of class.  The work we do through the Guild is certainly hard and time consuming. But we love it. It certainly didn’t come without its naysayers and people who were so envious that they prayed for our failure. However, no matter what has been thrown at us we have simply come out stronger on the other side. The Guild will continue to grow because of the heart that beats inside of it. Even though the Guild is not a Christian organization, God is still the head of what we do.

The Artists Music Guild has recently penned deals with various municipalities in which through our partnerships we have the opportunity to bring out artists and to showcase artistry of various styles throughout the areas. This means more exposure for our artists as well as expanding arts education into the public schools. Our reach into the schools are the very success of the Guild and our programming. By taking legends into the classrooms and allowing them to help mentor with these kids it helps to keep them relevant and helps to educate the children on the history of their music. To watch a child’s face light up when Chubby Checker walks into their classroom is priceless. You cannot buy that feeling it brings to your heart. That has always been my goal is to be someone who makes a difference. I guess this is how God worked it out for me.

David L in the classroom
David L Cook in the Classroom

We are steadily working right now to ensure we have the Heritage Awards ready for broadcast by this years air date. Right now it looks as though its premier date will be January 29th on SkyAngel. SkyAngel has been partners with us for the past 5 years and we are so thankful to them for all they do for us. Each year they call and tell us how they are looking forward to airing the Heritage Awards. Its an expensive venture and it takes a lot to get it ready, but we have not failed yet and we are certainly looking forward to seeing it come to fruition again this year. Make sure to tune in and watch it. Please check your local listings for SkyAngel.

I have to thank the people who help to make this possible. Dale Hill and all of his guys are phenomenal! We have always been blessed with packed houses and everyone is always so wowed by all of the stuff unfolding right in front of them! It takes a great team to pull off a production such as that and I am glad to say that I have such a team! Sky Angel for all of their continued support and for broadcasting us flawlessly! To all of my entertainment friends who have been my real friends throughout the years.  Finally, my friend and business partner Chris Nowels who shares the same vision as myself and has the same drive to see artists respected and helped in ways to help them move forward. We are truly blessed!

Evelyn Champagne King
Evelyn Champagne King

You know I have been on the stage for most of my life. I have seen a great many things and have been a part of great many things. But the one thing that I can never get used to is the jealousy of people who want to tear others down? I have written under tons of pseudonyms and ghost names to help open doors for myself. Because lets face it, sometimes when you tell people you are a Christian artists those doors slam right in your face. Or, the other way around when you tell a Christian audience that you have written for the secular market you automatically wear a scarlet letter.  I want to let all of you artists know that when someone like this attacks you, it is not your fight. This is a mental issue inside of the person doing it. It’s anger or jealousy that has taken them over. Let them fight and you sit back and watch them tear their own selves apart because they will. Their mission is clear and others see right through their plot lending to their demise. Remember this one thing my artistic friends…The more visible you become, the more these people will come out of the wood works. You will go on to greater things if you simply stay your course, but attacking others is the only claim to fame they will ever have. Be encouraged!


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David L Cook and Trina Jeffrie

David L Cook (Mortermer Crabbottom) and Trina Jeffrie (Sister Cantaloupe)



Okay..So Trina Jeffries and I please to announce that our new sitcom is completed and we are now off to get shopped by the networks. I have to say that after watching the series it is hilarious! I don’t say that because I was one of the writers or creators. I say that because it truly is hilarious. The content and all of the people involved were fantastic! I would also like to thank Dale Hill with the Broadcast Group and Chris Nowels with IHN Productions out of Texas for putting together one of the best production teams to help us get the thing off the runway! You guys are just awesome! I am so glad to have you as my business partners!  Be on the lookout for new and upcoming updates as to when it will be seen.