Who is Mortermer Crabbottom??? 

Lets take a moment to meet one of Gospel Musics newest sensations, Mr. Mortermer Crabbottom.  Mortermer is unlike anyone that you will ever meet in your entire lifetime.  He has style, class, a flair for fashion, a sense of humar that will tickle any funny bone, but his most precious gift of all is his deep devotion to his Lord, Jesus Christ.  When Mortermer enters a building, great things are in store. Blessed with the ability to sing, make people laugh and then to turn it all around and make you come face to face with yourself and your walk with God.

You see, Mortermer is very simple and he can never understand why people never love God the way he loves God. “Unconditionally.” He feels that this is where the major problem lies within the churches of today.  We always want to judge things for what is on the outside and forget to look at the beautiful thing that God is creating within.

Mortermer is a character that makes us stop and examine ourselves, because let’s face the facts, there are Christians out there who are hurt and will never enter a church again and it was not because the world hurt them, it was because we, the “Christians” did. Mortermers message is simple but yet so impacting. Isn’t that just like God, to put something so simple into someone we would least expect it to come from?  A child, a Mortermer Crabbottom……


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