19 Platinum Records
14 Gold Records
3 Hall of Fame Inductions
7 Emmy Award Wins
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"The Number #1 Selling Christian Country Music Artist of All Time"

“We watched this man grow up right in front of our eyes." 
"He has written so many hit songs, that we had to stop counting.”
By:  Marilyn McCoo - Host of the 2017 AMG Heritage Awards
"Drop That Rock"
~Made Music History~

The record labels “Drop that Rock campaign worked so well that when it was released….

It premiered at # 51 on the Billboard charts

I then went to #1 within one week on Billboard 

It then jumped genres to #1 slot on Christian country music 

Jumped genres again to the #1 slot for Christian gospel 

And jumped genres one more time to be #1 on the Bluegrass charts. 

David L. Cook made music industry history because of that.

First release by David on January 1, 1997 and re-released June 29, 2015 by Jesse Reece

One of the many hits that David L. Cook has written over the last 45 years.
His catalog consists of thousands of songs and is considered one of the most prolific songwriters of the 80's & 90s'
Seen here performing this song at the
2013 AMG Heritage Awards
He is accompanied by guitar legend, Richard Kiser, the Eddie Mabry Dancers and the fantastic
McCrary Singers
His introduction come from none other than music legend, Chubby Checker

"I Go Crazy"
'I Go Crazy' is multi-platinum selling hit that David first wrote and sang back in the early 80's.
He performed this song on Solid Gold in 1984.  Marilyn McCoo was the host for the show.

Move forward to 2017 Marilyn McCoo and her husband Billy are Hosting the AMG Heritage Awards.
(With tears in her eyes after the performance)
“This is just so surreal to me, I remember when you as a kid performing this on Solid Gold.  "Here we are all these years later and you walk out as a grown man, and there are 600 kids,,,, to see what your doing with your life and how your making a difference, it's humbling." 

"I am just so proud to be in this moment with you.”

David has been writing music for more than four decades and has thousands of songs in his music catalog.  Many of his hit songs are written under pseudonyms which allowed him to become one of the most prolific songwriters in music history.
 Many of his songs were recorded by top 80's & 90's groups like Pet Shop Boys, A-Ha, Spandau Ballet, Expose` and many more. 
Many think that David’s achievements have been limited to the music industry only because of his history and being the baby of the Cook Family Singers. David has been working with television in some form since the 1980’s, starting with his very own children’s television show, “Crabbottom USA.” Cook has done several television theme songs and has been sought after to work on various musical scores and audio mixes. 
when heaven single.JPG
"When Heaven Is My Home"

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